The Countdown to Halloween 2013 Has Begun!

Vintage 1910 Halloween card

It’s October 1, and that can only mean one thing — it’s time to kick off the Countdown to Halloween! I had so much fun acting as a Cryptkeeper for last year’s countdown that I’m back to do it again. So throughout the month you’ll see all sorts of fun, spooky posts with a Halloween theme. Along with the usual, non-scary tomfoolery of course.

To join in the fun, just click the Fruit Brute icon in the upper right to see every post for this year’s countdown. To see all of my cool Halloween posts, you can check out the Halloween archives for those.

I’ll also be posting some scary stuff on my Tumblr and Facebook pages, so check them out too!

Oh and lest I forget, the headquarters for the Countdown to Halloween is here. Please visit other participants’ pages as well to see what they have to offer.