Let’s Look at Some More Vintage Halloween Ads

It’s been many a year since I plumbed the advertising archives here at GFS HQ for some spooky retro classics, but that’s not to say I haven’t been busy since then. Why, there are all manner of neat Halloween ads up on the main site, just waiting to be enjoyed. But for your convenience, here are a few of my newer finds.

Blatz Beer Halloween ad (1947)

Blatz Beer (1947)

Dutch Masters Halloween ad (1959)

Dutch Masters (1959)

Ballantine Ale Halloween ad (1943)

Ballantine Ale (1943)

Sunkist Frozen Punch Halloween ad (1960)

Sunkist Frozen Punch (1960)

For more Retrotisements, click the tag below or check out the permanent collection on the main site. You can’t go wrong either way! And keep your eyes on this channel as the Countdown to Halloween 2012 continues!

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