Saturday Serials: “Slaves of the Rising Sun” (Batman 1943, Chapter 4)

Batman (1943) - "Slaves of the Rising Sun"

It’s time for the fourth chapter in the 1943 Batman serial, “Slaves of the Rising Sun”! Kind of hard to mistake the implication in that title I suppose. But just in case you did, a slew of anti-Japanese epithets should clue you in.

So we pick up from the end of chapter 3, where Batman and Robin engage in a spirited round of fisticuffs in order to thwart Dr. Daka’s plan to blow up a supply train — which I guess was a vital cog in American’s war effort against Japan? — and retrieve his lost radium gun.

Aside from the opening action sequence, the absolute best part of “Slaves of the Rising Sun” is hearing Lewis Wilson’s atrocious Indian accent. If you ever wondered what it would sound like if Boston was in the middle of India, you need to watch this.