Seattle, Welcome Back Your NBA Basketball Team With a New Logo!

If today’s reports are to be believed, the NBA’s Sacramento Kings — currently sitting pretty at the top of the list of franchises who have gone the longest without a title — are leaving the California capital and moving north to Seattle. That city is, of course, the former home of the SuperSonics, who now play in Oklahoma City as the Thunder, and have a crappy logo.

And while Emerald City residents are already salivating at the return of their beloved Sonics, I’d like to humbly suggest a new brand altogether. After all, the most recent major sports team to depart a town and return several years later with the same name was the Cleveland Browns. And we all know how that’s been going for them.

But if not the Sonics, then what? Well they could stay with the Kings. Seattle is, after all, the King County seat. And the players wouldn’t have to change the monogram on their locker room towels. But I propose a bolder move. Something that draws upon the city’s deep cultural and historical roots and reflects their proud identity. So with that, I give you the Seattle Frasiers!

Seattle Frasiers (SuperSonics) NBA logo

What’s great about this is that you get to keep the green and gold color scheme, and you can probably get Kelsey Grammer to record a new fight song for you on the cheap!