Smoke your way to luxury with Raleigh and BelAir cigarettes!

What’s this, another post with cigarette ads? Why yes it is, thanks for asking! Actually there is a bigger reason why I’m posting this — the latest addition to my Ephemera project is now up. It highlights the wonderful merchandise and retro styling found in the 1968 Raleigh/BelAir cigarette coupon catalog. New sections will be published as quickly as I can scan them, so check back here (or on my Facebook page) for updates.

We’ve got four late 1960s ads in this clip, featuring a pair of Brown & Williamson brands — Raleigh and BelAir. The first two ads showcase the kind of natural, easygoing dialogue seen in dozens of commercials like them.

The first BelAir spot was filmed in Palm Springs, California on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Since they’re pushing a menthol brand, the music is appropriately kicky. Then we get right down to business with Raleigh. Two no-nonsense guys on their way to a no-nonsense job, driving a no-nonsense car.

But then they flip the script, and Raleigh gets downright Mod. I don’t know where the hell that guy is walking to, or why he’s walking that way in the first place, but damn that’s a catchy jingle.

Trippy Raleigh cigarette ad (1960s)

Whoa! That's some strong tobacco!

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