The Best Bizarre Christmas Album Covers Ever, Part 2

I had to take a year off after the first gallery of odd Christmas album covers, but I’m back with a strange vengeance. Here’s another set of Yuletide records sure to leave you saying, “Ho ho huh?”

The Border Brass - Tijuana Christmas
The Border Brass — Tijuana Christmas (date unknown)

So outrageous it can’t possibly be offensive, right? From the back cover: Take the festive spirit of the Christmas season, spice well with the merry mariachi sounds & you have a wassail bowl full of the happiest holiday music ever!

Christmas at Home with Nina and Frederik
Nina and Frederik — Christmas at Home with Nina and Frederik (1960)

From the looks of Frederik, there’s only one of four things he wants to do this Christmas.

1. Sex you up.
2. Chop you into little pieces.
3. Sex you up and then chop you into little pieces.
4. Chop you into little pieces and then sex you up.

The Pac-Man Christmas Story (1983)
The Pac-Man Christmas Story (1983)

And behold, Pac-Man was visited that night by the Ghost of Christmas Past. Pac-Man then consumed a power pellet and ate the ghost. Story over!

Christmas Disco Party (1977)
Montreal Sound — Christmas Disco Party (1977)

It’s possible that Santa and the blonde are in the middle of some funky dance move. It’s just as likely that she’s trying to escape his grasp as he sneers with venomous delight.

Switched On Santa (Sy Mann, 1969-70)
Sy Mann — Switched On Santa (1969)

I am shocked that some prog outfit like Emerson, Lake & Palmer never tackled an entire album of Christmas music. The Moog, after all, is surprisingly effective at it.

The Caroleers - Favorite Christmas Carols
The Caroleers — Favorite Christmas Carols (date unknown)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the whitest album cover in history.

Dino Kartsonakis - A Wonderful Time of Year (1987)
Dino — A Wonderful Time of Year (1987)

For those times when Barry Manilow is just a little too edgy, there’s Dino Kartsonakis .

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