Retrotisements — Thanksgiving Dinner Edition

Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, I think we can all agree that it’s worth celebrating some vintage advertisements. So I’ve pulled together a full menu of classic food ads for your dining and/or viewing pleasure. And as always, more Thanksgiving ads await you on the main site.

Side Dishes
Vintage Thanksgiving ad - Birds Eye (1942)
Birds Eye (1942)
Vintage Thanksgiving ad - Hellman's (1958)
Hellman’s mayonnaise (1958)
Vintage Thanksgiving ad - Hellman's (1960)
Hellman’s mayonnaise (1960)

Del Monte Sweet Corn (1958)
Del Monte sweet corn (1958)
Vintage Thanksgiving ad - Ocean Spray cranberry sauce (1962)
Ocean Spray cranberry sauce (1962)
Turkey ‘n’ Trimmings
Acme Supermarket/Lancaster Turkey
Acme Supermarket/Lancaster Turkey (date unknown)
Keyko oleo margarine (1947)
Keyko oleo margarine (1947)
Uncle Ben's Rice (1969)
Uncle Ben’s Rice (1969)
Birds Eye (1944)
Birds Eye (1944)
Campfire Marshmallows (1926)
Campfire Marshmallows (1926)
Vintage Thanksgiving ad - Budweiser (1953)
Budweiser (1953)
Maxwell House coffee (1945)
Maxwell House coffee (1945)
Vintage Thanksgiving dinner ad - Schenley Reserve (1947)
Schenley Reserve whiskey (1947)
Vintage Thanksgiving ad - Lucky Strike cigarettes (1950)
Lucky Strike cigarettes (1950)
A&P Holiday Vegetable Loaf
A&P Holiday Vegetable Loaf


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