Saturday Serials: “Eight Steps Down” (Batman 1943, Chapter 13)

"Eight Steps Down" (Batman 1943, Chapter 13)And just like that, it’s Saturday again, which can mean only one thing — it’s time for another edition of Saturday Serials, currently showing the 1943 Columbia Pictures Batman feature starring Lewis Wilson as the Caped Crusader.

Today we look at the thirteenth chapter in our saga, “Eight Steps Down.” After completely failing to rescue Linda Page in the last chapter, Batman does some legit detective work to track her down. I love the quaintness of Batman having to stop by a call box on the street to talk to the police. Ah, simpler days.

We also get a lesson in etiquette, as Daka informs Linda that you should address people from Japan as “Nipponese” and not “Jap.”

So what does that “Eight Steps Down” mean anyway? Well I’m not sure, even after watching this. But I can say that the cliffhanger is surprisingly solid; much better than the last few. We may get an exciting finish to this serial yet. Only two more chapters to go!