Saturday Serials: “The Phoney Doctor” (Batman 1943, Chapter 7)

"The Phoney Doctor" (Batman 1943, Chapter 7)Just when you thought your heart couldn’t take one minute more of the 1943 Columbia Pictures Batman serial, we’re back with another chapter!

As we pick up the action from last week, Batman and Robin swoop in to save poor, addle-brained Alfred (William Austin), whom the Dynamic Duo bravely used as bait to lure Dr. Daka’s henchmen out into the open. Fists fly and office furniture takes a beating!

I love the rather casual attitude the police have toward vigilantism by private citizens. When Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson admit to personally investigating the case, they receive little more than a decidedly limp admonition from the police captain.

Of note is the part of Ken Colton, played by Charles B. Middleton. Middleton enjoyed a long and productive acting career, and is especially remembered for his portrayal of Ming the Merciless from the vintage Flash Gordon serials — which I imagine I’ll get around to showing one day.

Well anyway, if you’ve watched this far into the series you probably know what to expect in terms of plot and pacing. So let’s get to it — it’s Chapter 7 of Batman, “The Phoney Doctor”!

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