Saturday Serials: “Lured by Radium” (Batman 1943, Chapter 8)

Batman (1943) - "Lured by Radium"
According to my calculations we’ve now passed the midway point on our journey through 1943’s Batman serial. It’s been a wild ride so far, hasn’t it? Well, no, it hasn’t really. But it has been a fascinating glimpse into a part of Batman history many fans don’t even know about.

So anyway, chapter 8 is here and it’s called “Lured by Radium.” If you’ve been watching up until now you know that radium is a key element in Dr. Daka’s quest to pave the way for a Japanese conquest of America in World War II. But every time he gets close, the Caped Crusader gets in his way once again.

Well that and colossal ineptitude. How else to explain the wise decision to send men wearing nothing but suits into a mine to gather a radioactive element? For the answer to this, and some other excellent decision-making, watch “Lured by Radium”!

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