The Best and Worst NFL Logos (NFC West)

With the 2012 National Football League season nearly upon us, now is as good a time as any to obsess once again on one of my favorite topics — logos. So I’m going to offer up my choices for the best and worst NFL logos for all 32 current NFL franchises. Primary, alternate, and helmet logos listed on Chris Creamer’s outstanding logo website are all under consideration. Today, for the last entry, I look at the four squads of the NFC’s West division.

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Arizona Cardinals


St. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals Logo (1960 - present)

St. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals logo (1960 – present)

If there are two things the Cardinals have been consistent about over the decades, it’s the look of their logo and their losing (recent years excepted). I’ve always been a fan of the Cards’ look.


Chicago Cardinals Logo (1920 - 1934)

Chicago Cardinals logo (1920 – 1934)

I guess back in the early 20th century, before pro sports teams were flush with cash, they had to share logos. That explains why this wishbone C shows up for so many other teams.

St. Louis Rams


Los Angeles Rams Helmet Logo (1973 - 1980)

Los Angeles Rams helmet logo (1973 – 1980)

Man, the classic blue and yellow look of the L.A. Rams was one of the best in sports. They really need to return to that.


Cleveland/Los Angeles Rams logo (1940 - 1980)

Cleveland/Los Angeles Rams logo (1940 – 1980)

Fun fact — the Rams were the first pro football team to sport a logo on their helmet. This official logo, used with slightly different designs and with different colors over the years, is certainly realistic. It’s also creepy.

I snagged this one from a 1959 L.A. Rams media guide.

San Francisco 49ers


San Francisco 49ers Alternate Logo (1965 - 1972)

San Francisco 49ers alternate logo (1965 – 1972)

I’m cool with the interlocking SF on the 49ers’ helmets, but this is just so cool and unique. It definitely feels like something from the ’60s, but it’s got a bit of a timeless appeal as well. The shield motif is an interesting choice for San Francisco, and I love the way they incorporated the 4 and 9.


San Francisco 49ers Unused Logo (1991)

San Francisco 49ers unused logo (1991), from an Ed DeBartolo press conference.

See that? That’s how close the 49ers came to rolling out an atrocious new logo in 1991. They actually held a press conference to announce it. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

Seattle Seahawks


Seattle Seahawks Logo (1976 - 2001)

Seattle Seahawks logo (1976 – 2001)

I know I’m showing my age here. I just have so many memories of the Seahawks from the era of Dave Krieg and Steve Largent, when they were in the AFC West and a hated rival of my beloved Raiders. The update this got in 2002 is OK, but I’ll always prefer the old look.


Seattle Seahawks Logo (2012 - present)

Seattle Seahawks logo (2012 – present)

I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t so different from the previous logos, so what’s the big deal?

Well for one thing, the addition of the silver/gun metal gray was totally unnecessary. And for another, this new logo is part of the new Seattle uniforms, which are simply an affront to good taste.

New Nike Seattle Seahawks Uniform

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

I hate to end this series on such a down note, but it needs to be said — screw you Nike.

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