Listening booth — Mastodon, “Spectrelight”

It’s probably not going to be as awesome as Leviathan, but Mastodon’s upcoming LP — The Hunter — promises to be better than Crack the Skye. At least based off the first three singles. First there was “Black Tongue,” which has the same vibe as Blood Mountain and is quite good. Then there was “Curl of the Burl,” which incidentally looks like the title of a Burl Ives exercise video. In any case, it was a bit disappointing.

Now there’s single/video #3, “Spectrelight,” which sounds the most like the Mastodon I love (and looks like a really cool screen saver to boot!). The rawness of the Remission/Leviathan era has been polished away but it’s still hella aggressive and cool. It features Scott Kelly from Neurosis on vocals.

The Hunter comes out September 26 on Roadrunner Records.