Sunday Jazz: Shorty Rogers, Stan Freberg, and “Three Little Bops”

"Three Little Bops" from Looney Tunes, 1957

I’d like to deviate from the usual Sunday Jazz fare to pay small tribute to one of my favorite cartoons of all time. “Three Little Bops” is one of the great entries in the Looney Tunes catalog, and came out in 1957 — a time when Beat culture was very much in the American consciousness. Not only is it funny, it swings! Dig it, man:

I could watch that all day. So anyway, not much is absolutely confirmed about the men behind “Three Little Bops.” Stan Freberg and Shorty Rogers are credited with vocals and music, respectively, but that’s about it. Some enterprising folks have done a lot of digging to uncover the rest of the musicians, and have come up with this lineup:

  • Vocals — Stan Freberg (credited on the short)
  • Saxophone — Pepper Adams (or possibly Jimmy Giuffre)
  • Trumpet/flugelhorn — Shorty Rogers (credited on the short)
  • Piano — Pete Jolly
  • Guitar — Barney Kessel
  • Bass — Red Callender (or possibly Red Mitchell)
  • Drums — Stan Levey (or possibly Shelly Manne)

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