Swimming (drowning?) in music

Sorry for the lack of content this month – as I mentioned in my last post I’ve been in a serious music acquisition mode of late. Thanks to the wonders of this intarnets thing I’ve been opened up to whole new vistas of tuneage, and it’s been delightful. Thanks to Thom and great music sites/blogs like Stereogum I have been deluged with great stuff to listen to. In addition to the aforementioned Cold War Kids, Backyard Tire Fire, Hold Steady, and Tapes ‘n Tapes I have also been checking out:

  • Caribou – Andorra
  • A few Spoon albums
  • Goes Cube – nice hard stuff minus the Cookie Monster vocals
  • The Fiery Furnaces – Stereogum has an .mp3 for a new song called “Ex-Guru” that is excellent.
  • The New Pornographers
  • Georgie James – Two new songs, “Cake Parade” and “Need Your Needs,” are some of the most sublime pop I’ve heard in awhile (also on Stereogum).
  • Pseudosix – Almost the type of shoegazer stuff I don’t much listen to anymore but with enough extra interest to make me want to listen to more.
  • Lambchop – I failed to mention them in my last post, but Is a Woman is one of those moody, atmospheric albums I can see making it into my regular rotation.

One album that I have had for awhile is getting better and better – I am speaking of Era Vulgaris, the latest from Queens of the Stone Age. You can find a more in-depth review on Blogcritics, another outlet of mine. I will just leave you with what in my mind is one of the best lyrics of 2007 so far (from “I’m Designer”):

I’m high class, I’m a whore, actually both,
Basically I’m a pro,
We’ve all got our own style (of baggage),
Why hump it yourself,
You’ve made me an offer that I can refuse,
(course either way I get screwed)
I go home & jerk off.


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