Even the Great Pumpkin Is Voting Nixon-Agnew (1968)

Here’s a very odd piece of political ephemera. It’s a Halloween-themed jack-o-lantern door hanger used during the 1968 Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew presidential campaign. In big, block letters it announced “Even the Great Pumpkin Is Voting Nixon-Agnew.”

vintage Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew 1968 door hanger

Even the Great Pumpkin Is Voting Nixon-Agnew

This bit of ephemera is a clear nod to the classic Peanuts TV special It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. The CBS animated special debuted in October 1966 and was no doubt fresh in the minds of American voters.

Whether or not this door hanger was enough to tip the scales in favor of the GOP ticket is debatable, but Nixon and Agnew cruised to a sizable Electoral College victory over Democrat Hubert Humphrey and running mate Edmund Muskie.