Kodachrome Memories #3: Sears Parking Lot, 1940s

Some of the best old Kodachrome slides you can come across are of parking lots. They give you the chance to see a nice cross-section of cars, sure, but they also offer a hint as to the economic condition of the area. A bunch of rusted old junkers paints a very different picture than a lot full of shiny, newer models.

Vintage Kodachrome slide: Sears Parking Lot, 1940s

This is a great selection of pre and post-war models, including at least two Woodie station wagons. And as an even bigger bonus, you can see a Sears storefront, from a time when they reigned as one of the great retail operations in America.

Good times, my friends, good times.

If anyone can identify any of the cars in this picture, please leave a comment.