TV Listings Flashback: #1 June 9, 1980

Here are the evening and prime time network TV listings for the Pittsburgh, PA market on Monday, June 9, 1980, as published by the Beaver County Times. As you might expect, the schedule was full of reruns, with a scheduled baseball game being one of the few pieces of original programming.

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Channel 2 (CBS)

  • 8:00 WKRP in Cincinnati – Everyone at the station is convinced Johnny has gone mad when he claims God talked to him. (R)
  • 8:30 Channel to Pittsburgh – Host Marlynn Singleton
  • 9:00 M*A*S*H – A critically injured patient faces permanent paralysis or death unless he is operated on within 20 minutes at the poorly equipped 4077th. (R)
  • 9:30 House Calls – Amos arranges a dinner appointment for Charley on the same night and in the same restaurant where he has already made a date with Ann. (R)
  • 10:00 Lou Grant – Billie is placed in the custody of a chauvinistic policeman (Richard Jaeckel) during a grand jury case involving a popular game-show host. (R)

Channel 4 (ABC)

  • 8:00 One in a Million – Cushing does a complete turnaround and becomes a loveable guy after suffering what he thinks was a heart attack. (R)
  • 8:30 Baseball

Channel 6 (NBC)

Channel 13 (PBS)

  • 8:00 A Day With Conrad Green – A pretentious New York theatrical agent (Fred Gwynne) discovers that he must cope on his own when he loses his long-time assistant in this Israel Horowitz adaptation of a Ring Lardner short story.
  • 9:00 Mark Twain: Beneath the Laughter – By re-creating incidents from his life and work, the dark side of the famous writer’s character not generally known by the public and the cynicism that provoked his humor are revealed. (R)
  • 10:00 Jazz at the Maintenance Shop – “Bill Evans TrioBill Evans, piano; Marc Johnson, bass; Joe LaBarbera, drums

Show Notes

  • The reruns from the more popular shows were from: WKRP (season 2); M*A*S*H (season 8); House Calls (season 1); Lou Grant (season 3); Little House (season 6).
  • One in a Million starred Shirley Hemphill from What’s Happening!!, and lasted just 13 episodes.
  • Not sure what the baseball game was supposed to be, as the Pittsburgh Pirates were off that Monday.

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