Congrats to Lexus on the Most Obnoxious Holiday Commercials of All-Time

Lexus "December to Remember" message - Suck It, Poor People!

Lexus "December to Remember" message - Suck It, Poor People!

Lexus, a perennial contender for the most annoying holiday commercials of the year, has roared back to the top of my Most Hated Christmas Commercial list in 2011 for all-time after being temporarily dethroned in 2010 by the Hyundai Hipsters. Incredibly, they’ve found a way to amp up the obnoxiousness even more this time by playing cutesy with their stupid “December to Remember” jingle. If you haven’t seen this spot from 2011, get a barf bag handy:

Look, I don’t normally encourage class jealousy or class warfare, but this is just fucking ridiculous. Who exactly does this campaign appeal to, if not privileged, upper-class white people without an ounce of shame? At least this year’s Acura holiday ads try to be funny.

If it makes you feel any better, feel free to sing along with this jingle with some lyrics I’ve come up with:

“I’m a giant douchebag / look at my car / don’t you wish you were just like me!”

(Turns out this is actually a real song called “Family & Friends” by Steve Kujala. Good for him for cashing in, I guess.)

2013 Update: While Lexus has toned down the smarm factor just a bit this year, there’s still a lot to loathe. Now these stupid fucking red bows are being elevated to holiday icon status. Ugh.

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13 thoughts on “Congrats to Lexus on the Most Obnoxious Holiday Commercials of All-Time

  1. brian

    I had a Lexus and would never buy another. Partly because I absolutely hate their obnoxious December to remember ads.Every ad has the perfect family standing in front of the 5mm dollar house.I now have a BMW X4which blows Lexus away. BMW doesn’t need to show obnoxious , annoying & insulting ads! It’s Jan 2 and I just saw 2 of these awful ads within 5 min. LEXUS THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER PLEASE STOP SHOWING THESE INSULTING ADS.

  2. David Stock

    I just want to throttle every pretentious asshole in those commercials.

  3. betty boop

    all the ads suck-lexus and other car ads, kay jewelers, etc. ridiculous jamming the holidays down our throats with over the top gifts. I want to sleep till January.

  4. Ace Rockola

    Please update or re-run this blog about the fucking stupid Lexus commercial. It just came on, and I’m furious. They’ve been running this same, stupid idea for 10 years now. No reasonable person gives away a $40000+ car for Christmas, or “The Holidays”…You mean Christmas, jerk ! Just say it ! So stop ruining the ONE day of the year, meant for something bigger than making a buck !

  5. Julie

    I hate Lexus commercials…..really, what is the point of dropping a car (yes just a car) from cables on to a floor with a bunch of trophies (signifying winners….how clever) to see how great the car handles when it does not hit any of the trophies. Dumb….really dumb.

  6. Frank

    Good grief! I thought I was alone in my loathing of these commercials!! It has nothing to do with class warfare bs to me. There will always be people who can/can not afford things. What annoys the hell out of me is f*cking jingle!! Some dumbass marketing douche thought it would sooo clever to associate those grating notes with “Oh honey, I am surprising you with a new Lexus for Christmas”. It’s all about their queer ass attempt to link that jingle with gift giving & the holiday. What a bunch of f*cking marketing douchebags.

  7. Chris

    I agree! I HATE the stupid Lexus commercials! I hate that stupid song! I am glad I’m not alone in this!

  8. Dottie

    Hate, hate, hate these commercials with a passion. The stupid faux family playing the video game irks me to no end!

  9. Sean

    Can anyone stop the ad please? I hate the music so much that I wish there is a way to block it. But unlike spam, I can’t block this.

  10. TempID

    I hate those Lexus commercials as well. In today’s economic and job environment, it’s more of a slap in the face to those less fortunate than it is a motivation for those who are well-to-do. I cringe every time I see/hear one as I feel for those who can barely afford to buy the necessities let alone a new vehicle, not to mention a Lexus.

  11. Drewdove

    Was this song ever used in the past for Lexus? And if it wasn’t, how the hell do these people associate this jingle with “Hey, I got you a Lexus for Christmas and/or Chanukah? BTW I hope these people didn’t have to pay $1.29 to iTunes for the privilege of owning this commercial jingle. Sorry Lexus, EPIC FAIL! >:-P

  12. Max Power

    I don’t suppose you’ve seen the Honda ad with Patrick Warburton yet:

    1. Chris Holmes

      I have, and it is sweet.

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